It is our mission to educate people in how to navigate through daily living in the most beneficial, simple, yet effective ways to achieve and maintain wellness. We aspire to strengthen the urban agriculture movement – garden to table – by growing local produce using ecological practices, providing experiential learning opportunities through volunteering, internships and jobs, and networking with other like-minded individuals and organizations.

We are partnering with local, national and international communities to create green walls and green gardens. Currently we have six committed sites from New York to South Florida and even Croatia. We are ambitious to develop more gardens – create more health – and each partner who joins this effort quite literally becomes a seed for the health and wellness movement growing across our world. In order to continue with this progress, we are seeking both financial and in-kind support, as well as human capital: ideas, places to plant, volunteers, ambassadors, leaders, instructors and more to nurture this magnificent Green House Blue Planet dream. 

Here’s a look at “Where have we been and where are we now!”

JPCF Green House Blue Planet in action at EMMA school in Boca Raton, Fl. in November 2017 

Dr. Jafari’s message

 We value every relationship. We are always looking for people and companies who consider our cause worthy of an investment. Each garden brings value and heart to a community, enriching many lives in many different ways, and always for the better. We are very proud of the work and accomplishments that JPCF has completed and we continue to develop within our communities and empower and educate a health and wellness movement.
Robby Besner shares his thoughts

Here’s the garden growing in Jan 2018



Our first Garden Project at Cory Facility in Pompano Beach, FL

We return to the Pompano Garden for the first harvest!