Hammock Pointe Elementary~ Saturday, March 9, 2019

A few clouds and a sprinkle of rain did not deter Mrs. Holly Nilsen’s elementary school garden club, and parents and volunteers, from showing up on a Saturday morning, March 9th. After all, students had been sowing seeds, writing thank you notes and welcome posters for weeks, in gratitude and preparation of their donated “Garden of Hope”. They once had a garden, but time and the elements took it away, and they needed to resurrect this valuable outdoor teaching classroom. Mind-body-spirit.
The Joseph P Cory Foundation donates “Gardens of Hope” within our community to educate children and families regarding beneficial, simple, and effective ways to achieve and maintain wellness through gardening. We aspire to strengthen the urban agriculture movement – farm to table – by growing local produce using ecological practices. Harvests benefit the school properties and the underserved.
It is our vision at the Joseph P Cory Foundation (JPCF) to educate children, families and communities so they may navigate through daily living in the most beneficial, simple, yet effective ways, to achieve and maintain wellness. JPCF provides learning opportunities through educational programs, volunteerism, internships and jobs; networking with other like-minded leaders and organizations.

Green House Blue Planet Healing Gardens of Hope are planted and grown with the partnership and support of local, national and international communities. Our green gardens are thriving, inch by inch, row by row, from South Florida to New York, and as far as Croatia!

So out came the sun, and in rolled the laughter and hard work. Builder Bobs and Barbs, replete with saws, wheel barrows, gloves, trowels, water jugs, and shovels were in tandem like a symphony. Bucket brigades of dirt and water, interspersed with pockets of education and fun, continued for three hours.

Did you know that plants respond and grow to sound? Jahmaal Hays mesmerized students and parents alike with his singing bowls and digeridoo! Are you aware that people can get a sunburn on a cloudy day? SAFESUN Foundation (Dr. Nathan and Fran Nachlas) provided hats and a sun safety talk. Dr. Anahita Jafari and Nada Cory spoke about nutrition and plants, and the imparting of knowledge was never-ending,

To end the day, Jeannine Rizzo, School District of Palm Beach County Garden Liaison spoke to attendees, and Frank Barbieri, Esq. School Board Member, District 5, dedicated the garden and presided over the ribbon cutting with 3-foot scissors! What a thrill it was to hang their new banner on the fence over the garden. (the scissors was quite a topic of conversation!) Plans to continue the work at this property are underway, so a butterfly and hydroponic area will follow. Special thanks to Principal Stephanie Cook for her support and management of this fabulous school and engaged students and their families.


To become a “Gardien Angel” or for more information: info@josephpcoryfoundation.org or 561.501.3538