This Foundation is a testament to the Love, Integrity and Strength of the man who captured my heart and soul, my Don Amore, Joseph P. Cory.

When he courted my bruised heart he did not give up. When faced with near business failure in the downturn, he never gave up on them. When loved ones, employees, and friends faltered, losing their way, he never gave – on them. He was steadfast and true.

When he finally said, “Enough,” weakened by cancer, a mere shadow of the robust Captain, Master of his Ship, he was still steadfast. He closed his eyes. He was gone.

Over the years of our relationship I dogged him with my natural potions, vitamins, nutritional support and holistic therapies. He was reluctantly willing but held on to many of his less healthy habits of a “real man.”

While I could not save him, I vowed to become the “lighthouse” for many sailing through life on a dark sea of ignorance.

From the ‘old country’ where I grew up I had been raised on the bounty of nature’s care. An herb here, a poultice there and life’s common maladies were generally healed without crippling side effects. And, of course, we had home grown, nutritious food – vegetables from the garden, milk for cheese and butter from our cows, goats and sheep, fruit from the orchard and unmodified grains, stoneground in our little village.

The wealth of intuitive knowledge I gained in my childhood has been multiplied through study and practice. I offer through the organization dedicated to my beloved an opportunity to understand the basic nature of the body, mind and spirit that is meant to thrive on this beautiful planet.

The Mission is Simple: to share my heart and my knowledge…

The Joseph P Cory Foundation’s Mission is Empowering People
and Communities to Achieve Wellness and Wellbeing through
Expertise, Education and Guidance.

Joining with dear friends and supporters in the first year of the organization, we developed an incredible team, a network of masters and experts in their fields who serve the Mission as Facilitators and Ambassadors. Each brings their skills, their training and their tools to educate and support health and wellness to all.

We began and we will continue this work until everyone who chooses an optimally healthy life while residing on this planet is aware of all their options whether the latest high tech or the most ancient remedies. Efficacy is our standard. Vitality is our goal. And, as Hippocrates once said, “First do no harm.”