A “touching” afternoon.

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On July 22, 2018, a gathering of admired women was hosted at the home of Mrs. Nada Cory on Singer Island, to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of Palm Beach County’s Healing Touch Buddies (HTB). HTB was established by Mrs. Betty Ann Baker, to provide energy therapy in one-on-one supportive relationships with individuals diagnosed with breast cancer through a network of specially-trained volunteer energy therapy providers. Mrs. Cory is the founder and president of the Joseph P Cory Foundation, Inc., whose mission isempowering people and communities to achieve wellness and wellbeing through expertise, education and guidance.

Mrs. Cory welcomed guests with an inspired communal blessing, and informed all about the foundation’s newest initiative, the JOPCO Consortium of Health and Wellbeing, and the itinerary for her third annual Sacred Bosnian Pyramid tour September 17 -30, 2018. The event supported a raffle and silent auction, to benefit HTB, and also served a bountiful wholesome organic buffet of prepared appetizers, salads, drinks and desserts. For more information, please contact: info@josephpcoryfoundation.org or call: 561.501.3538.


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