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  • Small School Garden - $350
  • Large School Garden - $750
  • Large Community Garden - $1,500
  • A Garden in Your Name - $3,000
  • Greenhouse Sponsor - $20,000

It is our vision at the Joseph P Cory Foundation (JPCF) to educate children, families and communities so they may navigate through daily living in the most beneficial, simple, yet effective ways, to achieve and maintain wellness. We aspire to strengthen the urban agriculture movement – garden to table – by growing local produce using ecological practices. JPCF provides learning opportunities through educational programs, volunteerism, internships and jobs; networking with other like-minded leaders and organizations.

Green House Blue Planet Healing Gardens of Hope are planted and grown with the partnership and support of local, national and international communities. Our green walls and green gardens are thriving from South Florida to New York, and as far as Croatia!

Please partner and support our efforts; You literally become a seed for the health and wellness movement emergent across our world. Become a “Homegrown Hero” and your alliance will help us exceed our goals. We are seeking both financial and in-kind support, volunteers, affiliates, instructors and new locations to plant our gardens. We encourage you to adopt a leadership role as we partner and nurture this magnificent Green House Blue Planet dream!