The Joseph P Cory Foundation is a non-profit, whose mission is to empower people and communities to achieve wellness and wellbeing through expertise, education and guidance.  Our body of work fosters a return to basics; our original state of self-sustainability, community, and a responsible connection with Mother Nature. Our focus is the wellbeing of all life on our abundant planet, reestablishing the balance that once was within and about us – restoring mind, body, and spirit.

We design programs because we believe everyone, everywhere, should embrace a healthy, holistic approach, so they can purposely influence their own wellbeing. The benefits of working with the mind body connection is not only in its ability to help manifest improvements in wellbeing, but to achieve more of what is possible for optimum health.

Our educational model is empowerment. Our projects instruct, motivate and guide children, families and communities, by reviving the holistic approach to health, ancient and new.  We consider the whole person and how he or she interacts with his or her environment. The process involves learning, developing awareness and evolving a personal relationship with food, diverseresources, and its impact individually and collectively.

Some of our recognized projects include the Green House Blue Planet Healing Garden of Hope; organic community gardens, public health seminars/webinars and lectures, “Homegrown Health” EXPOs, an online educational wellness video library, and our Consortium of Health and Wellbeing Ambassadors and affiliates.

The Joseph P Cory  Foundation is your source of support, tools, and inspiration that will help you to take charge and achieve a full and healthy life well-lived. For more information please call or visit our website at

Together, let us plant, grow, prepare, eat and know the perfection of wellbeing on Planet Earth.

Expand your mind. Nurture your heart. Develop your body. Cultivate your soul.