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Ambassadors embody the mission of our organization in every way, including values and ethics. 

Our Health Experts

Our program offers you an occasion to be among other exceptional leaders.

Save the Date 04.27.2019


Save the Date and be a part of our Annual Gala! Get tickets & be a sponsor. April,  27, 2019 in Deerfield Beach, Florida.                     

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Gardens of Hope

Green House Blue Planet Healing Gardens of Hope are planted and grown with JPCF partnerships and support.

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 We aspire to strengthen the urban agriculture movement – garden to table

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Consortium of Holistic and Integrative Practitioners

Our recommended experts and Holistic Practitioners.

Our Trusted Experts!

Find the expert that can improve your health & Wellness!

"We encourage you to adopt a leadership role as we partner and nurture this magnificent Green House Blue Planet dream!"

Nada Cory

JPCF Founder

"I support the Joseph P Cory Foundation and am proud to be an Affiliate with this meaningful and heart centered organization!"

Dr. Anahitta Jafari

Owner, Parsi Herbs

"I offer my full support to the JPCF in many ways, from my Infared Healing products, to volunteering with the planting the community gardens, I am proud to be a part of Nada's accomplishments."

Robby Besner

Owner, Therasage

"As a JPCF Board member and an expert Pracititioner of Colon Hydrotherapy, our mission is to be a blessing and help end suffering. "

Cathy Shea

Certified Instructor of Colon Hydrotherapy