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My reflections upon Dr Sam Osmanagich’s lecture:
Have you ever heard of the Bosnian Pyramids and all the new knowledge they open us
to? On January 12, 2018 in Deerfield Beach, an enthralled group of attendees were
privileged to hear firsthand from the man who discovered these 30,000 year-old
European Pyramids just over a decade ago, Professor Sam Osmanagich.
His two-hour presentation took us on a historic journey to pyramids all over the world,
from Mexico to Egypt, Illinois (U.S.) to China, the mysterious underwater treasure of
Japan and beyond.

 There are thousands of pyramids on our planet and, to be truly classified as pyramids,
they must meet ten unique characteristics of pyramids: four sides, precise orientation to
the astronomical directions (north, south, east and west), distinct corners and more.
Professor Osmanagich has been a leading voice for qualifying pyramids systematically
using these important criteria. His dedication to scientific exploration is unwavering.
What is most fascinating to me is the recognition of their true purpose which has
evolved out of the important research being done in the Bosnian Pyramids.
Despite commonly dictated theories, pyramids are not tombs, nor treasure-filled
chambers of gold and silver. They are generators of healing energies with rebalancing
capacities that are so welcomed and embraced by our human bodies. Pyramids are
healing machines.

Dr Sam Osmanagich

Can you believe that a young woman’s failing lungs with over 80% loss of function
reverted to almost normal by her third visit to the pyramids? Documented cases of
dramatic healing results are growing as more people from around the globe come to
experience the unique internal environment of the pyramid.
Have you ever witnessed or seen orbs, those ethereal round energy balls of white, blue
or violet in your photographs? Well, the Ravne (Pyramid of the Sun, Bosnia) tunnel
photos and videos are richly filled with them. They seem to love hanging out where
people are happy and engaged.

I have experienced it personally a couple times and can hardly wait to go again to
recharge my body/mind/spirit. I am also eager to see the ongoing progress made by
the dedicated team of professionals and volunteers in opening new paths and unveiling
secrets as they advance to the core of the great Sun Pyramid of Bosnia.
If you are interested and want to experience it for yourself, join me on my next
Pilgrimage to Croatia and the Bosnian Pyramids September 2018. Details and
registration at
Are you ready to expand your horizons? We are experiencing new revelations of history
and evolving knowledge – ever exposing new truths.
Through our visits, we support the advancement of the rigorous excavation work, the
opening of more tunnels and chambers and, ultimately, uncovering the truths still hidden
from our view.
  Professor Sam Osmanagich is an excellent presenter, teacher and guide for all willing
to join him on this journey of discovery. Are you ready for your adventurous journey?

My reflections upon Dr Sam Osmanagich’s lecture by Nada Cory
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