Electrons and Blood Circulation by Dana Gourley, AquaNew


Electrons and Blood Circulation – Part Two
By Dana Gourley, AquaNew


Electrons Borne from Light

Dr. Campbell told me about phantom crystal quartz (visible crystal formation layers within the quartz). He said he taps two phantom crystals together to create a spark of light. The light (photons) energizes the electrons.

Quartz can be found in the silicon-oxide compounds such silica (sand). As you know, silicon is used to create perfectly-ordered crystals in producing computer chips. Although silicon is the most abundant semiconductor material on Earth, it is not the best semiconductor. In February 2018, researchers reported therecent discovery of electron movement around crystalsmade with alternating layers of tin and sulfur that have less energy loss when compared to that of silicon semiconductors … signaling the beginning of the end of the silicon age in meeting future computer performance demands.

Electrons Borne from Water

The WIT electromagnetic process converts liquid water into a stable crystalline-like gas (Dioxytetrahydride Gas). The structure of the Gas with its extra electrons is infused back into highly-purified water to create the Polarized Water, Watt-Ahh … hence the design of the label for the one-liter sized bottles has three diamonds falling through water and the Emoto-like word “Energy”. For blood circulation, our theories include the Polarized Water will provide a balanced electrical flow in the blood and could reduce blood pressure issues. Considering the recent discovery of electron movement around crystals (see subsection above), our theories have expanded such that the crystalline-like structure of the Polarized Water has negative and positive charges also moving along the outer ring (not through the crystalline structure) that provide cellular energy to our blood platelets. An electrical balance can serve to repel or separate blood platelets to avoid either clotting or unobstructed blood flow.

We recently received a functional health testimonial about Watt-Ahh posted on Amazon, as follows:

July 22, 2018 – Verified Purchase

“I suspected this would a difficult product to review. I was correct. I decided to finish the whole case before writing a review. If I had done it after 10-16 oz. bottles I suspect the results would have been hard as there wasn’t a difference I could tell. I want to state that I also drank purified water as well as this water. I didn’t mix them, but did drink them at different times throughout the day. I did this for a month and drank a bottle every day, accept for two days due to medical things where I had to do specific things, this made 26 days total. What I noticed is the following. At first, I didn’t feel a whole lot different and even now it’s not like your taking something impacting in terms of how it feels. I did notice when I peed, my urine was much clearer and not as yellow and this became apparent the longer the days went on in the trial I did. I also noticed when I took certain pills with it, the pills seemed to work better. I had a headache and took a pill for it with this water. The pill seemed to work quicker and I could feel the headache almost melting away over a 10 minute period. I am also a very hyper person and this water seemed to calm me when I drank it in larger quantities during the day. My wife noticed I spoke a bit slower and clearer. The biggest difference for me was my blood pressure. It usually runs high and my usual is 137/84 give or take some points which is pre-hypertension. Sometimes it gets higher. After drinking this water for 24 days I went and had my BP done (Not at the Docs office) because it’s always higher there for me due to white coat syndrome. I donated blood and my reading there was 118/77 which is normal and great for me. The specialist stated wow that is better than normal for you. I had it done again yesterday at the docs office as I had a follow up and its was 123/ 79 which is still better than normal for me and my doc was happy. Now with all these can anyone say 100% conclusive the water is reason, honestly no. What I do know is the water is the only different consistent thing I have been doing during this time”.Physcosiz (5 stars)

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