Straight from the Heart

Straight from the Heart 

There is this deep longing, a desire, a dream within your heart,

It seems to have been there for the longest of times,

Eternity maybe?

Subtly it shows up in discontent, a longing, and then a dream.

We push it away and keep on going while doing the same old, repetitive stuff over and over again..

Yet that small still voice deep within keeps on appearing, and making itself known.

Suddenly out of the blue, a catastrophic event occurs and life seems not to work the same any more.

Why? What happened? What did I do wrong?

Suddenly we fall silent in the depth of the fall, or the eye of the storm. There is nothing we can do, nothing to hold on to, but sit still and just listen.

Now like the Phoenix out of the ashes arises that still small voice, that deep desire, the dream, and finally something makes sense.

There is a glimpse of a vision coming from the depth of our heart, and it feels good, expansive and even grand.

It actually begins to paint itself into a colorful display of a perfect picture straight from the depth of our heart.

Someone or something greater then this tiny spec of a life form, being me, painted on a canopy of infinite possibility and our heart jumps of joy.

There is a purpose, there is a way and a future that my today creates and makes manifest, by taking a step each and every day.

There is no denying, no hiding from it anymore, but taking the first step every day and learning how to spread the wings boldly catching the wave of the upward spiral being the way.

You have a gift deep within your heart, allow it to come forth while letting the circumstances fall into ashes to bring your Phoenix of today.

Listen to that small gentle voice straight from your heart, today!


Nada “Hope” 


Jan. 23, 2018