From Seeds To Schoolroom

News from the Joseph P Cory Foundation and “Gardens of Hope”!

From seed to the schoolroom, the Joseph P Cory Foundation’s “Gardens of Hope” came full circle today, May 3, 2019, with the help of their collaborative partners, engaged teachers and extraordinary students.

Gardens were placed at Riverbend Park, Jupiter and Hammock Pointe Elementary, Boca Raton, this year, and have been nurtured by volunteers, employees and students. Yesterday, the Foundation’s  “Homegrown Heroes” volunteer task force, were on site to cut back, harvest, and bundle the yield for its intent: teaching kids and communities, the importance of growing their own produce, learning their nutritional value, tending, harvesting, and finally, to cook with this magnificent food!

Students were excited to accept the beautiful baskets from Founder and President Mrs. Nada Cory, and the professionals assembled recipes and presented educational demonstrations.

At Jupiter Middle School, Chef and instructor Greg Launel had prepared an Italian themed lesson. Students were presented with a base tomato sauce, pasta, cheeses, and of course, the fresh Italian herbs laid before them. In minutes, pots were banging, steam was rising, and spoons were swirling, until five unique creations were ready to be consumed!

At Hammock Pointe, Teachers Holly Nilsen, Carri Gallagher and their garden club students, assisted Mrs. Cory, to pick and bundle their crop. Washed and ready, Dr. Anahitta Jafari, from Deerfield Beach, went to work, to teach the making of “Basil Pesto”, served on homemade gluten free bread. Healthy veggie snacks and other herb infused drinks accompanied this feast.

For more information about the Foundation, up and coming events, or how to become a “Homegrown Hero”, please call or visit our website: 561-501-3538 or